Surge Suppression Solutions for Amusement Park

Product Announcement from Surge Suppression Incorporated

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Powerful yet delicate, electronic circuit controls are susceptible to damage from common, often undetected, voltage surges called transients. Transients cost companies billions of dollars per month in equipment damage or failure, system downtime and lost profit-generating opportunities. The systems in amusement and water parks need the highest standard of protection - a Florida location turned to SSI to address the unique challenges

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Transients are brief but powerful over-voltages and over-currents lasting up to a few hundred microseconds (as defined by ANSI/IEEE C62), reaching in excess of 100,000 volts. Transient sources vary from external sources such as lightning, power system faults and utility grid switching, to internal sources which are generated by load switching (turning equipment on and off) and normal equipment operation, including electronic equipment. While much lower in voltage and current as compared to external sources, internal switching transients can occur over 1,000,000 times per hour in active industrial environments

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