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IC230-Series: Powering Heavy Linear Motion

Featured Product from Suzhou ITG Linear Motor Co., Ltd.

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Advance your industrial applications with our IC230 series. With an unmatched force capability, these Iron Core motors redefine performance standards, offering an impressive Fc of 7500N and Fu of 12000N.

Designed for heavy payloads, the IC230 series excels in scenarios where strength and precision matter most. The integration of skewed magnets ensures limited attraction force and virtually eliminates cogging, providing a smooth and efficient motion experience.

Our motors hold certifications from CSA, CE, and RoHS, ensuring compliance with industry standards and environmental regulations. Trust in the reliability and quality of IC230-series motors for your demanding projects.

For more information on the IC230-series and other cutting-edge products, visit our website here. Connect with our experts via email at itgmotor_sz@126.com or reach us by phone at (+86) 139 1403 3275. Revolutionize your engineering endeavors with the power-packed IC230-series – the choice for uncompromised linear motion in industrial applications.