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Linear Motor: Small Force Solutions

Featured Product from Suzhou ITG Linear Motor Co., Ltd.

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IC 40 Series Linear Motor

  • Ideal for Small Force Applications: Fc force range: 45-90N, Fp force range: 110-220N.
  • Compact Size, Extremely High Force Density: Ideal solution with compact size and exceptionally high force density to meet various space constraints.
  • Low Attraction Force and Cogging: Minimize unnecessary friction and vibration, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation Performance: Efficient heat dissipation design ensures consistent performance.
  • Wide Range of Driving Voltage Applicability: From 45Vac rms to 380Vac rms, flexibly meeting different operational requirements.
  • Customizable High-Speed Motors: Customizable high-speed motors with S winding or super high-speed motors with Z winding according to requirements.
  • Choice of Length for High-Flex Chain Cables: Flexibly select cable lengths to meet different layout and application requirements.
  • No Housing Design: Simple design for easy integration, saving space.

Whether in medical equipment, automation machinery, or precision instruments, the IC 40 Series linear motor demonstrates excellent performance and reliable stability. If you are seeking an ideal solution for small force applications, the IC 40 Series linear motor is your top choice.