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Ultra-Light Linear Motors

Featured Product from Suzhou ITG Linear Motor Co., Ltd.

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Welcome to the new era of high precision and innovation brought by our ultra-light linear motors. This series of motors is the result of outstanding electromagnetic design and precision manufacturing processes. They possess various advantages that will redefine high-precision, lightweight applications and provide you with an exceptional value experience:

  • Ultimate compact structure: Our products are ultra-lightweight and compact, ensuring an unprecedented space-saving experience.

  • Unparalleled thrust density: Within the compact packaging, our linear motors deliver unprecedented thrust density: continuous thrust Fc 11.5N~23N?peak thrust Fp: 46N~92N.

  • Perfect solution for vertical applications: Say goodbye to the problem of heavy linear motors in vertical applications. Our ultra-light linear motors perfectly combine lightweight mass with extraordinary thrust, providing the ideal solution for precision vertical motion.

  • No attraction force, no cogging, pure accuracy: Our motors eliminate attraction force and cogging effects, offering super-smooth motion and unparalleled dynamic performance. High speed, high precision, high dynamic response, low heat generation, and extremely low power consumption will make your motion system more efficient.

  • Wide range of industry applications: Whether you are in precision automation, biomedical, semiconductor equipment, or other precision manufacturing fields, our ultra-light linear motors will excel in meeting your industry needs:

    • Semiconductor manufacturing: Achieve sub-micron and nanometer precision in wafer fabrication and lithography.
    • Robotics: Enable fast and precise motion for robotic arms and automation systems.
    • Medical equipment: Assist medical imaging and surgical devices with sub-micron precision.
    • Aerospace: Propel aerospace technology advancements using lightweight, high-performance linear motion solutions.

Join us to propel the higher development of your industry with our products and technology, experience the joy brought by our unparalleled products, and embark on your extraordinary achievements.