Assembled WIindow for Laser Level Meter

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Most bonded optical windows for laser levels are equipped with an anti-reflective (AR) coating that helps minimize or eliminate unwanted reflections of the laser light from the window surface. The AR coating increases the transmission of light through the optical window, thereby enhancing the performance of the laser level and helping to produce more accurate and reliable measurements. When selecting a assembled optical window for a laser level, factors such as the size and shape of the window, the bonding material, and the environmental conditions in which the device will be used need to be considered. In addition, it must be ensured that the optical window is compatible with the specific type and wavelength of laser light used in the device. By selecting and properly installing the correct glued optical window, laser level operators can achieve optimum performance and high precision in their surveying tasks.                                




 B270 / Float Glass

Dimensional Tolerance


Thickness Tolerance



 PV<1 Lambda @632.8nm

Surface Quality



 Ground , 0.3mm max. Full width bevel



Clear Aperture



 Rabs<0.5%@Design Wavelength, AOI=10°