Polarizing Beamsplitters Cube

Featured Product from Suzhou Jiujon Optics Co., Ltd

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To increase the laser damage thershold, these polarizers are constructed by optically contacting, rather than cementing, UV fused silica right angle prisms.


• High Damage Threshold: ~15J/cm2 @ 1064nm 20ns, 20Hz 

• Optical Contacted. 

• Transmission: >97%@Central Wavelength (Tp>96%@355nm)

• Extinction Ratio: 1000:1 @ DWL

• High Coating Performance

• Surface Quality:20/10 Scratch/Dig)

• Wavelength Range (Other Material & Wavelength Available)

        1064nm+/-20nm (Material: BK7)

        1550nm+/-25nm (Material: BK7) 

        532nm+/-20nm (Material: BK7) 

        355nm+/-7nm (Material: Fused Silica)