Advanced Tube Fitting Design - Features & Video

Product Announcement from Swagelok Company

Advanced Tube Fitting Design - Features & Video-Image

Scientific Breakthroughs, Advanced Technology, Extraordinary Performance
Swagelok tube fittings provides robust, leak-tight connections in a wide variety of applications. The patented design delivers superior grip, sealing and vibration resistance. A patented case hardening process and patented recessed and contoured geometry provide unique engineering to the Swagelok back ferrule. The hinging-colleting back ferrule design expands on the already robust performance of the traditional ferrule design and provides:

  • excellent gas-tight sealing and tube-gripping action
  • easily achieved proper installation
  • consistent remakes
  • excellent vibration fatigue resistance and tube support
  • full compatibility with original Swagelok stainless steel tube fittings of identical sizes.

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