Service Detail from Swissomation, Inc.


Swissomation, Inc. uses a profilometer for accurate measurements of surface finishes. Our customers enjoy the satisfaction of well-planned and well-timed orders produced on some of the most advanced equipment available, including Vision Systems, CMMs, Comparators, Profilometers, Indicators, and many other instruments.


  • Brown and Sharpe CMM
  • Touchprobe capability for measuring dimensional and wall thickness with both flat & rotary capabilities.
  • Our newest optical vision system offers faster visual OD inspection.
  • Vision Engineering system provides manual dimensional inspection of contoured parts.
  • Quality System is compliant to ISO 9000
  • Profilometer for accurate measurements of surface finishes.
  • Process Validation - Fully trained staff develops validation strategies with customers and performs IQ/OQ, PQ/PPQ, MSV, TMV, DOE, and risk analysis.

In addition, our services include lot tracking, material certification, and SPC when needed.

Swissomation, Inc.

112 Marschall Rd.

Fredericksburg, TX 78624