MLCCs with tin-lead terminations

Product Announcement from Knowles Capacitors

MLCCs with tin-lead terminations-Image

The RoHS Directive is designed to restrict the use of certain materials, including lead, which can be dangerous to the environment. While most industries are finding few difficulties in complying with RoHS requirements, certain sectors are exempt while they investigate a number of technical issues.

In particular, equipment manufacturers are concerned about the possibility of tin whiskers which can cause a short-circuit in a component or on a board. The consequences could be disastrous for safety-critical applications. Further, because of the mainstream move towards RoHS compliant components, the supply base for capacitors with tin/lead terminations is dwindling rapidly.

Syfer, too, is committed to providing components that meet the RoHS requirements, and already has an extensive range of devices available. The company has a strong environmental policy and its manufacturing operation is already fully approved to ISO 14001, the environmental standard.

However, Syfer also recognises that certain applications will continue to require a tin/lead finish, and the company has undertaken to continue to meet this demand. In fact, Syfer offers the tin/lead finish, with a minimum 10% lead, across a wide range of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors. Devices can be supplied with either a standard silver or a FlexiCap™ base coat, both with a nickel barrier and the tin/lead finish.

Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors from Syfer are available in a wide range of capacitances, from 0.47pF to 82μF and operating voltages from 16Vdc to 10kVdc, to suit a variety of low or high voltage/current applications.