Twin benefits for three terminal capacitors

Product Announcement from Knowles Capacitors

Twin benefits for three terminal capacitors-Image

Aimed at decoupling and EMI suppression tasks in a variety of general purpose and function specific applications, Syfer's X2Y range is ideal for designs where space is at a premium. The X2Y is an Integrated Passive Component, providing three capacitors in one device, thereby dramatically reducing the total number of standard passive components required. A reduced component count can lead to significant cost savings, reduced assembly time and higher product reliability.

In addition, these X2Y capacitors are optionally available with Syfer's innovative flexible terminations, called FlexiCap™. This technology, unique to Syfer, is designed to reduce the risk of mechanical damage, such as cracking, during handling and assembly processes. FlexiCap™ is applied to the termination areas underneath the nickel barrier coating and tinplated finish. The inherent flexibility of the material provides greater scope for the device to accommodate the mechanical stresses typically present in PCB assembly operations, and also in the field, particularly for portable products.

One of the most important features of X2Y dielectric technology is that it exhibits extremely low self-inductance, making it particularly suitable for high frequency decoupling applications. With the rapid growth in high speed communications and multimedia technology, particularly for broadband circuits, these devices are in increasing demand for both decoupling and suppression.

Syfer's range of balanced line, three terminal X2Y chips provide simultaneous line to line and line to ground filtering. Delivering both differential and common mode filtering, in a compact package, they are ideal for balanced line, EMI suppression in DC motors in a wide range of automotive, telecoms and industrial applications. The filter devices are well suited for use in sensors (including Hall Effect), filtered connectors and fibre optic components, crystal circuits, and led modules.

Syfer's X2Y filter capacitors are ideal for Can Bus applications, as well as for audio amplifiers and micro-power instrumentation amplifiers. There is growing interest from customers in the military and medical sectors; and the devices can also be used in general signal line filtering applications, particularly in multi-PCB based systems and to provide bulk capacitance for switching power supplies. The chips are available in various combinations of capacitance values, from 10pF up to 1.2µF, with rated voltages of 25, 50 or 100V, in case sizes from 0603 to 2220.

Syfer's Balanced Line X2Y and 3 terminal chip ranges are fully RoHS compliant, and already in volume production at its upgraded, state-of-the-art, Norwich, Norfolk, UK facility. Any quantity of devices can be ordered from samples through to high volume, for delivery loose, or taped and reeled for automated assembly systems.

Syfer has invested heavily in developing RoHS compliant devices across its entire product range. Its expanding range of RoHS compliant EMI filters includes 3 terminal EMI chips, high current EMI chips, X2Y balanced line chips and 1206 size pi-filters.

Manufactured in the UK by Syfer Technology under licence from X2Y Attenuators LLC