Firestar vi30 (30W OEM CO2 laser)

Product Announcement from Synrad, Inc.

Firestar vi30 (30W OEM CO2 laser)-Image

The firestar vi30 features:

  • 30 watts
  • Near-Perfect Beam Quality
  • Fast Rise/Fall Time
  • Air Cooled
  • Compact Footprint
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Low Cost Design

The vi30's resonator is based on the same waveguide design as our v30 model, producing a circular beam (typical M2 =1.1) in both the near and far field. This near-perfect beam can be focused to the smallest achievable spot size, creating the maximum possible power density on a work surface. This results in faster processing speeds and higher resolution for most applications. A new, more efficient RF design, operating off 48 VDC, has enabled us to reduce the heat sinks to produce a 30W laser with a smaller overall footprint, and meet increasing market demands for more compact systems.

The vi30 is available only as an air-cooled model, with a simple interface based on TTL level input and I/O signals via a DB-9 connector. In its standard configuration, the vi30 features a simple OEM baseplate modeled after the v30 - the ideal solution for systems requiring the most compact laser source possible.

Synrad offers two optional mounting feet for backwards compatibility with the v30: use our tall mounting feet to make the beam exit height identical to the v30, or, for complete drop-in replaceability, add our alternate mounting feet to the vi30 for common mechanical mounting in addition to the beam exit location. Use of either of the optional mounting feet will create a common beam exit height to our firestar t-series lasers, allowing for future upgrades to higher powers.