Concrete Repair Services

Service Detail from TEAM Industrial Services

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Team utilizes state-of-the-art materials, repair methods, tools and trained technicians for any concrete repair. Team has all the necessary resources to repair and restore your concrete structures; making them as good as – and often better than – new.


  • Established in 1985
  • Available through all Team service centers

Concrete repair services available

  • Urethane crack injection
  • Epoxy injection repairs
  • Expansion joints
  • Coatings/toppings
  • Spall repairs
  • Pump base repairs
  • Secondary containment repairs

Urethane crack injection

  • Seals cracks, leaks
  • Team's CR-5A hydrophobic sealant utilized onsite
    • Excellent bonding, wet-dry stability
    • Good for cold weather applications
    • Provides multiple seals
  • Cold joints/construction joints can be converted into water-tight working expansion joints

Epoxy injection

  • Utilized for structural as well as nonstructural repairs
  • Ideal for water seepage, control
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Temperature range: 32°F - 500°F
  • Can be machine or hand injected

Expansion joint concrete repairs

  • Types of joints repaired
    • Architectural joints
    • Chemical resistant, pressure-containing joints
  • Types of sealants used
    • Chemical resistant
    • Special formulations for joint applications
  • Provides joint protection against:
    • Water damage
    • Environmental containment
    • Thermally induced joint movements
    • Freeze heave

Concrete repair coatings, toppings

  • Provides surface protection against chemicals, hazardous substances
    • Acids
    • Alcohols
    • Industrial solvents/chemicals
  • Resistant, nonskid surfaces add safety factors for
    • Walking
    • Forklift traffic
    • Truck, vehicle traffic
  • Site assessment, recommendation services available
  • Various surface, topping colors available

Spall repairs

  • Type of spalls repaired
    • Overhead
    • Vertical surface
    • Walls
    • Floors
  • Site assessment, service provided
  • Repair procedure, materials are recommended
  • Customer engineer is consulted for structural and critical repairs

Pump base, pedestal repairs

  • Cost effective
  • Types of repairs available
    • Structural repair
    • Structural upgrade
  • Coatings available for added protection
    • Against corrosive atmospheres
    • Against chemicals

Secondary containment concrete repairs

  • Required by federal, state and local regulation
  • Prevents release of hazardous, toxic substances; reduces liability
  • Saves plants regulatory reporting requirements
  • Specialized repairs available
    • For existing concrete
    • To replace, install new chemical-resistant expansion joints
    • To plug or reroute drains
    • Coat containment with materials resistant to tank contents, service
  • Crack repair applications
    • Floors
    • Drains
    • Walls