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Team's Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Services

Team Industrial Services is the first and largest LDAR contractor in the United States, and has been providing verifiable Emissions Control Services (ECS) since 1980. Customers prefer Team because the company offers:

  • A global service organization with strong customer focus
  • More than 350 highly trained and fully certified LDAR personnel
  • Local, regional and corporate support groups to quickly respond to customer needs
  • Verifiable safety, quality and audit programs
  • Advanced monitoring technology and software
  • Turnkey repair services for all process equipment
  • Commitment to 100% compliance, 100% of the time
  • Maximum efficiency as a single-source provider

From turnkey fugitive emissions and technical compliance assistance to monitoring, repair services and/or data management, Team has the personnel, programs, experience and equipment to ensure your regulatory compliance right from the start.

Team's LDAR Capabilities

LDAR regulations demand a disciplined management approach, and can vary based on industry and potential leak sources as well as:

  • Federal, state and local requirements
  • The complexity of rules and special agreements
  • Specialized record keeping and reporting

With hundreds of customers and millions of records, Team has the experience and expertise needed to handle all your LDAR requirements. From program set-up and initial assessment to third-party audits, Team will help you maintain LDAR compliance every step of the way.

Regulatory Applicability Assistance
Team helps customers design LDAR programs that meet all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. The experts at Team will assist you in the development of effective programs to support inspections, reporting and enforcement activities.

Stream Applicability Assistance
Different types of product streams require varying component monitoring, repair and reporting schedules. Team's LDAR experts will help you determine affected process streams and monitoring requirements.

Locate, Flag, Tag and Identify Equipment
Based on EPA statistics, the average-sized plant may have from 3,000 to 30,000 individual components that require monitoring. Team's LDAR specialists will locate, flag, tag and identify each applicable component. Regulatory compliance tag numbers are assigned and component information recorded. Hand-held electronic data collection of component ID, source type and rule applicability minimizes transaction errors.

Method 21 Monitoring / Leak Identification
Method 21 is an EPA protocol for monitoring VOC leaks to ensure that fugitive air emissions are identified and eliminated to control air pollution and protect the public's health. Team's certified LDAR personnel use state-of-the-art technology and software to thoroughly test all tagged components in compliance with EPA Method 21.

MOC Services
Team's proven Management of Change services deliver a compliant and documented LDAR process that ensures all regulated equipment is properly identified and the component inventory is properly maintained.

First, Second, Advanced Repair Services
When a leak is found, a first attempt at repair must be done typically within five days and completed within 15 days. Some regulations require a first attempt in as little as one day. A delay of repair may be applied for if certain conditions are met. As the largest industrial services company in North America, Team's experts provide complete repair services for virtually all types of process equipment.

Data Administration (on or offsite)
Team is equipped to handle your complex data administration requirements either on or offsite. Industry-leading LeakDAS Version 4 from Inspection Logic is managed by trained, skilled personnel. Data is maintained on Team's secure central server network. Customers access their reports from anywhere using Team's internet-based web reporting system. Remote backup servers are utilized to eliminate disaster risks and ensure that customer data is protected.

QA/QC Programs and Manuals
Team maintains a strong focus on QA/QC throughout the LDAR process. Formalized quality programs and manuals help ensure compliance every step of the way. ISO-14001 environmental management system programs are developed specifically for the LDAR program. Activities, processes and responsibilities matrices are developed to meet the customer's specific requirements.

LDAR Compliance Field Assessments
As part of the LDAR process, Team conducts field assessments to ensure that all program processes are in regulatory compliance. Visual observation, tag audits, data monitoring audits, MOC audits and comparative monitoring of randomly selected components are used to verify each technician meets the high standards of performance required.

LDAR Compliance Audits
The EPA Audit Policy provides incentives for self-policing that have been in effect since 1995. Incentives may include reduced penalties for violations, extended time to correct violations and other considerations. Team's LDAR personnel can assist you in conducting self-audits to ensure full program compliance.

3rd Party Compliance Audits
Team can conduct customized third-party compliance audits. This comprehensive process includes reviews of written program, training, component inventory, monitoring, repair, QA/QC and record keeping.

GasFindIR Leak Detection

Team's GasFindIR Infrared (IR) imaging camera finds hydrocarbon gas leaks quickly and easily. Capable of rapidly scanning large areas and miles of pipeline, this highly specialized infrared camera delivers real-time thermal images of gas leaks. Fugitive gas emissions appear as black smoke onscreen. GasFindIR enables Team to:

  • Scan thousands of components per SHIFT
  • Detect small leaks from several feet away
  • Detect big leaks from hundreds of feet away
  • Ensure a safe unit startup

Experience, Technology, Know-How

Because no two LDAR programs are exactly alike, Team will help you design and implement a program tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need skilled labor to supplement an existing program or want to develop a turnkey LDAR program from scratch, Team has the experience, technology and know-how to meet your every need.

Highly Trained, Fully Certified, Motivated Technicians
All of Team's 350 plus technicians have been highly trained and are 100% certified. Annual safety and technical certification includes:

  • LDAR regulatory policies and procedures
  • Component identification, tagging and record keeping
  • Component specific monitoring procedures
  • First attempt and advanced repairs
  • General plant and process safety programs
  • QA/QC procedures
  • Auditing procedures

In addition to one of the highest pay scales in the industry, Team's benefits package, career path and LDAR performance incentive programs work together to provide highly motivated personnel. Individual and group performance is directly linked to rewards.

Local Support System to Ensure Success
Team's corporate level LDAR staff are supported by regionally based compliance specialists. These specialists have over 125 years combined LDAR experience and have successfully managed some of the largest, most complex LDAR programs in the world. These specialists are placed close to our customer base to make sure customer needs are handled quickly, efficiently and with the expertise the LDAR program requires.

Monitoring and Data Collection Technology
With thousands of components to identify, tag and monitor in any given facility, it is vital that the process is efficient and accurate. Team technicians utilize advanced technology and software to streamline the monitoring and data collection process Systems employed by Team include:

  • GasFindIR Leak Detection - Team's GasFindIR infrared (IR) imaging camera finds hydrocarbon gas leaks quickly and easily.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Data Transmitter - Features wireless transfer of data from the monitoring analyzer to the data logger.
  • Symbol MC9090-K PDA - An intrinsically safe, high performance industrial PDA based on Windows Pocket PC with an integrated WLAN 802.11B and Bluetooth™ Class II.
  • LeakTracker System 200 - Connected data collection device providing electronic data collection with or without bar code tags.

Data Management Software
The vast number of process components subject to LDAR regulations combined with varying monitoring schedules and potential repair information must be carefully managed and reported. Team can store your LDAR data onsite or on its secure database using Inspection Logic's LeakDAS® V4 MS Sequel Server database. LeakDAS V4 manages compliance operations on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. This Windows compatible system manages information and record keeping in a way that is consistent, repeatable and focused on regulatory compliance.

QA/QC Protocol
Total LDAR quality cannot be determined from data alone. The Team QA/QC Protocol provides a verifiable process for ensuring the accuracy of inventory, monitoring and repair that includes field assessments and a clear audit trail that includes:

  • Analyzer calibration gases
  • Analyzer certifications
  • Analyzer calibrations
  • Method 21 monitoring results
  • Comparative monitoring
  • Accurate component inventory
  • Component tags (ID, leak, SD)
  • Monitoring schedule
  • Quality FACT tags
  • Compliance with initial monitoring requirements
  • Compliance with follow-up monitoring
  • Timeliness and effectiveness of repairs
  • Record keeping and evaluations
  • Corrective actions and root cause analysis

M21 Compliance Reporting
A Team "add-on" program for LeakDAS V4, M21 Compliance Reporter is a management tool that examines technician activities for M21 compliance. Daily performance reports display mean and median monitor times, average components monitored per hour, total time spent monitoring, variances for minimum time allowances based on component size and location, variances for maximum break times and more. Variances are immediately investigated to maintain full compliance.

Analyzer Calibration and Certification Management Team's M21 Compliance Reporter includes a software tool to manage analyzer calibration gases, initial and quarterly certifications and daily calibrations. Quality verifications include:

  • Invalid technicians or instruments
  • Instruments used by multiple technicians
  • Single technician with multiple instruments used
  • Instrument certification errors
  • No daily calibration record
  • Calibration failures
  • Drift assessment errors
  • Invalid calibration records
  • "Midnight monitoring" errors

Your Ideal ECS Partner

Founded in 1973 as an on-stream leak repair and hot tapping company, Team has grown to become one of the largest specialized industrial services companies in the world. The first and largest LDAR contractor in North America, Team is positioned to meet your every ECS requirement. From monitoring assistance and leak repair services to a turnkey LDAR program, Team is your ideal ECS partner.

  • Goal of 100% compliance, 100% of the time
  • Right organizational structure to support client LDAR programs
  • Flexible programs to meet client needs
  • Timely transition plan
  • Good pay, benefits and incentives attract and keep best available personnel
  • Continuous training programs ensure knowledge
  • Process maps and checklists ensure repeatability
  • Field assessments ensure technician performance
  • Quality audits ensure continuous compliance