Hot Tap: Used extensively worldwide

Service Detail from TEAM Industrial Services

Hot Tap: Used extensively worldwide-Image

Team hot taps have been used extensively and successfully worldwide for making branch connections into operating heat exchangers, vessels, columns, tanks and pipelines. They can be performed on lines from 1/2 inch to 48 inches in diameter with temperatures from cryogenic to 1,350°F (732°C) and on pressures from vacuum to 4,300 psig (296 bar).


Tapping operations by experienced Team engineers and technicians begin only after detailed coordination and planning have been completed with plant engineers.


  • Preventing shutdowns
  • New construction tie-ins
  • Installation of by-pass systems
  • Pressure and vacuum gauge installation
  • New pipeline construction
  • Sight glass installations
  • Quality control sample points
  • Valve installations
  • Thermowell coupling installation
  • Orifice taps for flow meters
  • Offshore and underwater service
  • Pipe inspection
  • Temperature indicators
  • Sparger installations