Technical Bolting Services

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Team provides fast, economical technical bolting services for turnarounds and day-to-day maintenance, and can provide you trained, experienced technicians for large as well as small bolt torquing and tensioning jobs.

Advantages of Team's bolt torquing and tensioning program

  • Fast, accurate, reliable way to insure joint integrity
  • Greatly reduces/eliminates gasket leaks
  • Helps ensure leak-free startups
  • Multiple applications
    • Utilize for any size bolt torquing and tensioning job
    • Easily used in confined spaces
    • Ideal for offshore platforms, gathering/compressor stations, pipelines
    • Available worldwide
    • Uniform bolt loading

Overview of Team's Technical Bolting Services (TBS) Programs

  • Team applies proven techniques to the disassembly and assembly of bolted joints
  • Focus is on critical elements of overall joint integrity
    • Flange surface quality
    • Joint alignment
    • Gasket selection
    • Bolt preparation
    • Uniform bolt loading
    • Selection of best tightening method
      • ie - torquing or tensioning
    • Preload verification using ultrasonic equipment

Team's Joint Integrity Program

  • Strong field and engineering support strengthens Joint Integrity Program
  • All critical elements associated with bolted joint integrity are controlled
  • Flanged joints are inspected and restored to ANSI/API specifications
  • Joints are reassembled and properly aligned using the appropriate gaskets
  • Bolts and nuts are properly cleaned and lubricated
  • Bolts are tightened using the most appropriate method (torquing or tensioning) to achieve uniform bolt loading
  • Approved written procedures are used to bolt joint

Team's Quality Assurance Program

  • Structural integrity/leak-free bolted joints are QA/QC goals
  • Bolt tightness is verified
  • Ultrasonic measurement is utilized
  • Bolt elongation determines, residual preload
  • Sound inspection, assembly practices are utilized

Team's Specialty Bolt Torquing and Tensioning Services

  • Hot bolting
    • A proven, effective method of preparing bolted joints for disassembly prior to shutdown.
    • Bolts are loosened one bolt at a time (while in service and hot)
    • Lubricant is applied
    • Bolts are reassembled in order to ease cold disassembly, minimize galling
  • Nut splitting
    • Fast, sure, safe method of removing corroded, galled or seized nuts and bolts
  • Stud Removal
    • Achieved with special stud removal equipment
    • Team's Field Machining Services can drill out studs without damaging body thread when studs cannot be removed