TECAT’s wireless solutions are enabling the IIoT

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TECAT’s wireless solutions are enabling the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
A CB Insights article entitled Industrial IoT Hits Another Annual High In Deals And Dollars talked about startups and their work in this space.

  1. “Startups bringing digitization and IoT infrastructure to asset-heavy industries — such as manufacturing, logistics, mining, oil, utilities, and agriculture — are receiving a greater share of the deals going to the greater Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.”
  2. “Startups working on industrial sensor networks have potential to revolutionize manufacturing, logistics, and energy, just to name a few areas.”

As a tech startup in this space TECAT is excited to hear that large corporation M&A activity as well as VC funding is heating up in this area since we consider this our home turf.  TECAT sensors have been used to:

  • Oil and Gas
    • Enable pipeline inspection tools in otherwise “unpiggable” pipes
    • Automate well casing torque turn reporting
    • Wirelessly monitor drill torque while drilling oil wells
    • Allow artificial lift equipment load cells to communicate wirelessly to the pump controller and then to the cloud for remote monitoring and reporting


  • Industrial, Manufacturing
    • Wirelessly monitor truss like frame sections for twist, bending, and shock
    • Direct clutch engagement distance measurement from inside a spinning clutch
    • Torsional vibration on shafts supported by journal bearings for predictive maintenance
    • Vibration analysis for integrated health management solutions on all manner of shafts


  • Mining, Agriculture
    • TECAT’s versatile WISER 4000 system is used in all manner of R&D activity including:
      • Autonomous vehicle operation development
      • Driveline calibration and system integration
      • Component failure analysis
    • Tire pressure monitoring

IIoT is enabling everything from the Oil Drilling Rig’s of the Future to Autonomous Commercial Vehicles and Self Healing Manufacturing Equipment and TECAT is excited to be working on the leading edge of wireless sensor technology in this space.


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About TECAT Performance Systems
TECAT Performance Systems was founded in 2010 by Dr. Douglas Baker, CTO and inventor of its torque telemetry system. The company designs and manufactures the smallest, lightest, most power-efficient wireless sensors available. These features enable the measurement of torque, acceleration, and atmospheric data in places never before accessed.