Connectivity in the Smart City

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The idea of the smart city is inspiring many new ideas for integrating the services people rely upon every day. Today, there are solutions delivering – with every iteration – convenience, safety, and efficiency that only a few years ago was unimaginable. This unprecedented connectivity is enabled by – among other things – wireless communication and a vast array of sensors. This connectivity can improve urban lighting, infrastructure performance, and energy consumption.  

In the smart city, street lighting is only activated when the street is in use.

Today, many municipalities are replacing standard street lights with LED luminaire lighting fixtures that are equipped with advanced sensors and connected to integrated networks. The result is a light system locally or remotely activated so that it responds only when the street is in use such as when a pedestrian is walking at night. This type of system enables cities to replace street lighting fixtures, which can help them reduce power demand in the short term and realize cost savings over time

The Path Forward

As populations in the developing countries of the world continue to grow and demand access to the same conveniences the developed countries already enjoy, existing infrastructures will be stretched to the limit. The solutions enabled by the smart city offer a clear path to provide access to these conveniences in a responsible, equitable way.

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