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Data and Power with TE AMP Micro CT

Featured Product from TE Connectivity

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Smaller Footprint

  • New 1.2mm centerline pitch provides a smaller option.
  • New design utilizes the same wire sizes despite connector being in a smaller size.

Efficiency and Optimization

  • Features tactile feedback with a lower mating force with can improve cycle times, allowing for reduced chances of mating/unmating errors.
  • The new lead-in guide design can protect contact and prevent deformation.
  • Customer feedback implemented in new/updated design.

Expansive Range of Configurations

  • Available in 2-25 positions (all sizes available).
  • 26-28 AWG options available, allowing for larger wire sizes in a smaller connector
  • Larger insulation outside diameter (0.88 mm).

Superior Performance and Cost-Efficient

  • Offers superior performance in harness production.
  • Insulation displacement connection (IDC) termination – DECAM equipment-compatible: which may allow customers to avoid buying expensive amounts of tooling equipment to incorporate product.
  • Helps provides cost savings by utilizing existing application tooling.



  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Machines
  • Business Retail Equipment
    • Personal Computing
    • Printers
    • Fax Machines
    • C-TV
  • Audio Equipment
  • HVAC