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High Performance with 112G External Cabling

Featured Product from TE Connectivity

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Due to the demands on next generation high-speed designs, TE has developed one of the most comprehensive, flexible, and high performing internal and external connector and cable assembly portfolios in the market.

  • Helps to reduce time-to-market and overall product uncertainty.
  • Robust end-to-end-portfolio that touches each part of data center operations from server to infrastructure.
  • Vibrant global ecosystem to partner with design partners, with both engineering and manufacturing in-house.
  • Options available to include labelling, color, length, and harness construction in both bulk cable and cable assemblies.

TE’s continued participation in standards development has led to various form factors being supported, developing a variety of options in DAC, ACC, AEC, and AOC.

  • Passive and active architecture design options offer cost effective solutions for performance needs.
  • Wide variety of solutions available, enabling consideration of bend radius, linear distance, and signal integrity.

Cycle time on design follows key industry standards while continuously being improved to meet the demands of our customers and partners.

  • Investments in advanced technology means improvement in every step of design and manufacture

Both design and manufacture support, allowing for vertical supply chain integration and design leadership in industry.

  • Vertical integration allows for assurance of both high-quality products and stability in the supply chain, while enabling production ramp-up into volume.


  • 112G Product Support for SFP, SFP-DD, QSFP, QSFP-DD, OSFP, and OSFP-XD Interconnects:
    • Direct Attached Copper Cables (DAC)
    • Active Copper Cables (ACC)
    • Active Electrical Cable (AEC)
    • Active Copper Cables (AOC)
    • I/O Connectors and Cages


  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Operations
  • High-Speed Networking
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence