TE Tech Talk: Hanhaa

Featured Product from TE Connectivity

• Solving IoT connectivity worldwide
• Understanding RF & performance
• Delivering real-time, accurate data

ParceLive is a dynamic tracking system that monitors the location, condition and security of parcels shipped worldwide at scale. Dedicated to offering ParceLive as a subscription service, Hanhaa focused on device capabilities to ensure utilization would be high. This includes global connectivity and GPS tracking that can give real-time data from anywhere in the world and a self-return capability which requires little effort from the recipient.

One unique solution they used to enable connectivity worldwide was to run their own GSM stack and mobile network, giving them control over security and coverage other players don’t have. But they struggled with the key piece for reliable connectivity—the antenna. Hanhaa was using a chip antenna, which did not allow tracking data at the granularity necessary for the product to succeed, and they didn’t understand the complex radio frequency requirements to the level they needed.

“The antennas we had before TE made our products bigger, heavier and more expensive,” said Azhar Hussain, CEO of Hanhaa. “TE really helped us reduce weight, which reduced the cost and the size of the board in addition to improving performance.”

As TE helped with the board layout, Hanhaa took the opportunity to understand how to place RF components and maximize the ground plane, a key piece of technology that enables the radios to work. TE’s engineers reviewed Hanhaa’s designs and highlighted issues that could affect the tracker’s performance or battery life, working in tandem with Avnet’s experts to balance both the requirements of the overall device and those of global markets. Together, the team helped Hanhaa overcome its antenna development hurdles and save significant time and money.

“TE helped us refine the designs and tune the performance so that the tracker delivered the level of accuracy we needed,” Hussain said. “Thanks to this close collaboration with Avnet and TE, ParceLive is able to offer capabilities like passive antenna arrays that enable GPS readings from inside a building.”