USB Connector Types

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Reliable Universal Connectors

TE's connector system accommodates the two deferentially driven data wires that provide bi-directional, simultaneous signals for full speed (12Mbps) or low speed (1.5Mbps) used in universal series bus (USB) systems. Designed for outside-of-box, user-friendly applications, the TE system consists of a single, four-position board-mount receptacle and mating cable mount overmolded plug. Board-mount receptacles are available in standard, Type B, stacked, and side-by-side configurations, adding to the system’s versatility to meet the needs of many USB applications.

Product Features: Specifications for USB Connectors
  • Allows for charging
  • Broad family of board mount receptacles, in various orientations and PCB mounting styles
  • Cable mount overmold plug kits for all USB sizes and types
  • Consolidates serial parallel, keyboards, mice, and game ports
  • Compatible with asynchronous and isochronous data transfer methods
  • Polarized for proper orientation
  • Plug-and-Play capability
  • Hot pluggable, permitting attaching or detaching peripherals without power downtime or reboot

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