PS-Cal Automated Power Sensor Calibration Software

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PS-Cal® Automated Power Sensor Calibration Software from TEGAM Gets the Job Done
Supporting a wide array of customers with varying, often unique power sensor calibration requirements calls for robust and flexible tools. PS-Cal® Automated Power Sensor Calibration software from TEGAM gets the job done. PS-Cal gives your lab the capability to calibrate power sensors from leading manufacturers, including Keysight, Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz, and LadyBug. Users can also choose from many measurement methodologies to take advantage of a variety of test stand configurations. And through the use of user-definable parameters, technicians can fine-tune the test process to meet customer demands and comply with quality requirements.

PS-Cal’s parameters are powerful tools, but to use them effectively requires a thorough understanding of how they modify default test processes. To help you get the most out of your PS-Cal test bench, we have put together a short cheat-sheet that describes the various test parameters, as well as allowable input values and supporting notes for each.

For example, some wide-band power sensors necessitate the use of two RF power standards (e.g., a TEGAM 2505A Microwave Calibration Feedthrough Standard for frequencies from 9 kHz to 18 GHz, paired with a TEGAM 2510A Feedthrough Microwave Calibration Standard for frequencies above 18 GHz). This is problematic though, as PS-Cal templates only support a single RF standard in their default configurationFortunately, two user-definable parameters are available to modify the default test methodologies, enabling the use of two RF standards.

Parameters give PS-Cal the power and flexibility to support your customer’s unique requirements. Use them to change existing template settings temporarily for one-time tests or save your templates with the modified parameters for use in future calibrations. Whichever approach is right for your lab, PS-Cal’s flexibility provides the foundation for your power sensor calibration capabilities.


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