TEGAM releases PS-Cal 4.5 with New Features

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In January 2019, TEGAM finalized its acquisition of PS-Cal, the most flexible power sensor calibration software available. Originally developed and marketed by Cal Lab Solutions, TEGAM assumed full development responsibility for the software with the acquisition. TEGAM executed the first phase of its long-term vision for PS-Cal with the October 2019 release of version 4.5. This first version from TEGAM includes new features requested by many current and prospective PS-Cal users, as well as a series of bug fixes to improve the efficiency and productivity of PS-Cal.

“Our goals for PS-Cal are ambitious, and version 4.5 represents a first step towards achieving those goals” said Greg Tolentino, Product Manager for TEGAM’s RF Power Measurement product lines. “Current users of PS-Cal have been instrumental in the development of version 4.5. Their experiences, feedback, and suggestions were the primary drivers for the improvements found in this release.”

PS-Cal version 4.5 adds many new features and improvements as shown in the Release Notes at TEGAM.com. Most notably however is the addition of the calibration uncertainty lookup and validation tool. Greg noted that “Uncertainty validation was our customers’ most-requested feature. They needed a way to validate PS-Cal’s internally-calculated calibration uncertainties against their own Scopes of Accreditation (“SoA”). With PS-Cal’s implementation of the uncertainty validation tool, users can now verify that each calibration is consistent with their SoA.”

This latest PS-Cal release also adds support for new power sensor families, including LadyBug sensors. Richard Hawkins, President of LadyBug Technologies, LLC, explained the advantage of PS-Cal for their customers. “Inclusion in TEGAM’s PS-Cal will be a significant benefit for our international customers. Many of these customers currently send their sensors in to our Santa Rosa, US lab for calibration.” Vice President of LadyBug, Jon Sigler, highlighted an advantage for labs supporting sensitive missions: “Our Defense customers and contractors will find PS-Cal extremely useful. This will allow customers with security requirements to certify our sensors in-house.”

To order PS-Cal or for a technical analysis of how it can help fulfill your calibration laboratory’s mission, please email us or call 440-466-6100. Or visit TEGAM.com to learn more about TEGAM’s entire line of RF power measurement instruments and software.

About TEGAM:

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