PVC Inline Fume Scrubbers

Product Announcement from TFI/ Inline Design Corporation

PVC Inline Fume Scrubbers-Image

TFI/Inline Design VS Series PVC Fume Scrubbers are designed for laboratories and any point of use application that requires removal of acid vapors from exhausted air. rform under the most demanding corrosive environmental conditions.

The VS Series Scrubber is a compact vertical Venturi unit designed to be installed indoors directly above an individual hood or equipment that is producing harmful vapors.

Inline Scrubber benefits:

  • Highly effective with all water soluble acids
  • No moving parts to wear and/or replace
  • Low water consumption at minimum 8 gallons per hour
  • Installs directly into existing ducting systems
  • Two hour average installation time with minimal tools
  • Allows you to isolate individual hoods or tanks that require pollution reduction
  • Low initial cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Sizes from 8” to 24” with larger sizes available upon request
  • Uses no packing material to clog or replace
  • Water is the only scrubbing media required with many acid environments