Product Announcement from THK America, Inc.

THK America is pleased to provide the VLA series which is an efficient design with fewer components, light-weight, and cost effective. The VLA is available in either the linear slide or electric cylinder type.

The VLA is compatible with most stepper and servo motor solutions with easy integration with the user's specific platform. Additionally, the VLA can be provided with THK's cost effective AC servo drive/motor package that offers high speed operation, simple programming, and multiple precision point positioning.

The VLA can replace pneumatic cylinders in many applications. The VLA's electro-mechanical components offer improved energy efficiency, as well as cleaner and quieter operation. Contamination from lubricants, audible noise, and damaging friction are greatly reduced. Unlike pneumatic cylinders, thrust forces can be controlled, motion profiles can be customized, movement can have smooth start-ups or stops, as well as constant thrust forces at low speeds to rated speeds are possible with applications using the VLA.

Long-term maintenance cost savings are possible with the VLA through the incorporation of patented caged ball linear guide technology, this technology separates the rolling elements with a synthetic resin cage that retains grease, eliminates friction between balls, and has a long-term maintenance-free operation.

Maintenance cost savings are also obtained from the design of the VLA with the use of the QZ lubricator. The QZ lubricator ensures optimal lubrication within the ball screw unit and also supplements oil loss over a long period and allows the maintenance intervals to be significantly extended.