Actuator Type GL-N

Product Announcement from THK America, Inc.


Made in the U.S.A., THK's new Actuator Type GL-N offers newly engineered enhancement to offer the best of all actuator features with the unique benefits of Caged Technology in one actuator. The new GL-N actuator is proven rigid, precise, available for quick delivery and is also an upgrade and direct replacement to the original Type GL.

Using not one, but two caged ball type LM guides (the Type SSR and the Type SHS), the Type GL-N is a force to be reckoned with. This new design results in load capacities 200% greater than that of THK's original Type GL. And, without metal-to-metal contact, the Type GL-N can reach speeds up to 2 times faster than conventional types (at 5m/sec, and accelerations over 5Gs). Caged Technology noise levels have been proven to be reduced by up to 15 dBA. Other Type GL-N benefits from Caged Technology include life cycle increases of 8 times as well as exceptionally smooth and precise movement. THK's Caged Technology employs a synthetic resin cage with a patented curvature that cradles each ball and separates it from the next. The spaces between the rolling elements retain grease and act as a lubrication system for long-term, maintenance-free operation.

Caged Technology advantages, and the Type GL-N's lightweight, yet rigid construction due to the robust aluminum extrusion base, result in a high performance-to-cost ratio.

Another benefit of this actuator is increased load capacities due to the inclusion of four raceways, rather than two. The Type GL-N is equipped with industry-standard motor mounts for easy integration. Metric mounting holes are standard - inch mounting holes are available on request at no additional cost. The mounting hole pattern is ISO standard. The Type GL-N standard lengths reach 3 meters and custom lengths are available.

THK offers two versions of the Type GL-N: ball screw driven and belt-driven. The ball screw version is equipped with a QZ Lubricator, complementing the long-term, maintenance-free operation of the Caged LM Guide.

Optional accessories for the Type GL-N include a QZ Lubricator for LM Guides, a LaCS Scraper for harsh environments and bellows covers available.