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Cross-Roller Ring Added to THK Lineup - Model RBU

Featured Product from THK America, Inc.

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Solid Construction with Integrated Inner/Outer Ring Helps Reduce Installation Time.

THK has expanded its cross-roller ring lineup with the Cross-Roller Ring Model RBU, which features a solid construction with integrated inner/outer rings that help greatly reduce installation time.

Cross-roller rings are roller bearings that feature cylindrical rollers arranged orthogonally with spacer cages between the inner and outer rings so as to facilitate load bearing in every direction (radial, axial, and moment loads) in addition to high rotational accuracy. The cross-roller ring, taking full advantage of those characteristics, has been widely adopted as a rotary bearing for equipment that requires high rigidity and high-precision rotary motion, such as industrial robots, machine tools, and reduction gears.

In recent years, industrial robot and reduction gear manufacturing plants, whose shipment quantities are increasing globally due to the push for automation and labor savings, have had to review and improve production processes in order to increase assembly efficiency. Furthermore, there is an urgent need to create systems that allow for even greater production increases with the same number of personnel. While cross-roller rings provide high-precision rotary motion, because they require a strenuous assembly process, gaining installation experience as well as increasing production efficiency has been a struggle until now.

To help reduce the installation time of cross-roller rings, THK has added the Model RBU to the lineup. This product features a stable, integrated inner/outer ring construction, and on the performance front, provides both consistent rotational accuracy and rotational torque. The product lineup has been expanded by a total of 24 models, with shaft diameters ranging from ø20 to ø190. Furthermore, the dimensions are interchangeable with the existing Model RB, so you can easily swap to the Model RBU without making any design changes.

Through the development of new, original products, THK will meet the automation and labor-saving needs of all industries, proposing solutions that will boost productivity and improve processes.

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