Cross Roller Ring RU

Product Announcement from THK America, Inc.

A THK original design, the Type RU Cross Roller Ring's unique configuration results in an overall costs savings of up to 50%. Featuring mounting holes on both rings, the Type RU requires reduced parts and labor.

The simple design of the Type RU consists of one-piece outer and inner ring construction, and requires no precise housing preparation or special fixturing. The THK engineered design allows for easy installation with either inside or outside ring. The Type RU's extremely rigid construction ensures highly accurate and ultra-smooth motion.

Application examples using the Type RU range from industrial robots to video arcade machines (virtual skiing game). Installed in robot joints, the Type RU achieves incredibly precise rotary motion, allowing for reliable operation. In the arcade game example, the Type RU provides smooth and true-to-life turning motion.

The Type RU is available in a range of sizes, from 20mm to 350 mm inner diameter and 70mm to 540mm outer diameter. Roller pitch circle diameters range from 41.5mm to 445.4mm.

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