High Resolution Caged Ball LM Guide Type SRS

Featured Product from THK America, Inc.

The SRS type Caged Ball LM Guide offers a high resolution option to your additive needs.

Use of a ball cage eliminates friction between balls, and achieves low noise, acceptable running sound, long-term maintenance-free operation, and superbly high speed response.

Low Dust Generation and Anti-Corrosion

Use of ball cages eliminates friction between balls and retains lubricant, thus achieving low dust generation. In addition, the LM block and LM rail use stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion.


Since SRS has a compact structure where the rail cross section is designed to be low and that contains only two rows of balls, it can be installed in space-saving locations.


Since part of the LM block (e.g., around the ball relief hole) is made of resin and formed through insert molding, SRS is a lightweight, low inertia type of LM Guide.


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