LM Guide Light Series Model SHS-Light

Featured Product from THK America, Inc.

THK's new LM Guide Light Series Model SHS-Light:

  • Is 40% lighter than standard LM rails

Lighter rails enable machinery to operate faster. Using 1000 mm rail length as the standard

  • All LM blocks of SHS can be used

Weight reduction of rails.  Standard LM blocks C (LC), V (LV) and R (LR) are used.

  • Same raceway material

Service life remains unchanged as well

  • Smooth motion

Same caged effect as before

  • Great product for use in the Aircraft Industry

 The SHS Light current availability is size 25.

 THK's SSR Light LM Guide is also available.  Sizes available in the SSR Light LM guide range from 15, 20 and 25.


Please contact THK for further information.