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TLC Electronics' Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) program provides a full range of subassembly services including processing of fine gauge wires intended for fine pitch interconnect solutions to meet many of today's applications that are decreasing in size. TLC's extensive experience with wire and cable and our investment in tooling enables us the ability to prep and terminate wires from the larger wire sizes down to the ultra-fine 36 AWG wire. Our precision processing allows TLC to help you meet your requirements for fine pitch interconnect in portable and miniature applications.

TLC's QRM capabilities include cutting wires or cables to specific lengths, stripping or prepping to your specifications, tinning, crimping, soldering, terminating to IDC's, crimp-and-poke and other technologies. We work with a broad selection of materials from simple PVC to Teflon in various forms of wire and cable from discrete hook-up wire to phone cord, coax, triax, multiconductor or flat ribbon cables.

Based on material availability, complexity and quantity, many requirements can be met within one week or even days. QRM quotes are typically back to the customer within 24 hours, allowing the customer to make an informed decision to shorten their time to market.

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