XSR Wire-to-Board Connector

Product Announcement from TLC Electronics

XSR Wire-to-Board Connector-Image

The new XSR Series Wire-to-Board connector is the world's smallest 0.6 mm pitch insulation displacement (ID) connector for discrete wires. Where space is an issue, and miniaturization a requirement, this connector with a mounting height of 1.45 mm and a depth of 3.0 mm fits the bill. The proven twin U-slot along with a new design approach for wire strain relief guarantees a highly reliable contact/connector system. This connector system has a secure locking design between the socket housing and PCB assembly accompanied by an audible click to ensure connector mating integrity.

The XSR series is currently available in 2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 20 and 22 position wire connectors with accompanying side entry printed circuit board connectors. The series is rated at 0.2 A (AC/DC) at 30 V AC/DC. Wire is 36AWG (insulation diameter 0.29+/- 0.015mm), 7strand tin plated copper alloy, UL10064 (Hitachi) or UL1867 (Sumitomo). Temperature range is -25°C to +85°C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current). Socket housings and PCB assemblies are 94 V0 rated polyamide material. Contacts are copper alloy, tin-plated. Series complies with European RoHS directive. Headers are provided on embossed tape for automatic insertion equipment.

TLC Electronics can send you samples of the XSR terminated on 36AWG wire. See www.tlcelectronics.com