12V 24V Micro Brushless DC Water Cooling Pump

Featured Product from TOPS Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.

1.Max Flow Rate:7L/min 9L/MIN 12L/MIN
2.Max Static Lift:3M 5 M 8 M
3.Rated Voltage:12V / 24V
4.Impeller Type:Closed impeller
5.Motor Type:brushless DC motor
6.Liquid Temperature:-40-105°C

?Advanced magnetic driving technology, static-seal without any leakage forever
?High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime
?Wide voltage range suitable for battery power supply
?High precision one time injection moulding between permanent magnetic rotor and impeller realized the lower noise
?Max temperature 105?
?All wetted materials FDA approved for safety usage
?Heavy duty work,can sustain 24 hours continuous running
?Special designed high efficiency closed-impeller
?Low or no maintenance
?Blocked protection
?Polarity protection
?IP protection level: IP68

1.Liquid transfer general purpose pumping
2.Water heating mattress
3.Hot water circulating system
4.Electronics Cooling Water Circulation Chiller Systems
5.Liquid filling and transfer in food, beverage processing, vending machines
6.Circulating systems for homes, RV's and boats
7.Cleaning equipment, purification and water treatment

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