High Pressure Electric Water Heater Boosting Pump

Featured Product from TOPS Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.

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Large flow rate, high pressure
24L/min 11L

Boosting Water Pressure, More Stable Flow Rate
High efficiency motor and rotor design, 30% higher efficiency than competitors' with similar size

Ultra-quietness Like Breathing
5dB Adopting ultra-quiet design, noise 5dB lower than industry average

No Leakage, More Reliable
Static sealing design, imported Japanese PPE, strict testing, no leakage forever

More Features:
♦ Advanced magnetic driving technology for static-seal,without any leakage forever
♦ Heavy duty work,can sustain continuous work
♦ High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime 20,000hours
♦ 3-phase motor for lower power consumption and lower fever
♦ Durable permanent magnetic rotor/impeller and fine ceramic shaft
♦ Specializing closed-type impeller for lower water loss bring higher efficiency
♦ High precision one-time injection magnetic rotor for stable lower vibration
♦ High temperature materials for liquid temperature 100°C
♦ Low or no maintenance
♦ Food grade materials
♦ Imported Japan XYRON PPE material, certificated by WRAS & NSF.