High Temperature Endurance Small Food Grade Pump

Featured Product from TOPS Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.

Small Size, Light Weight
Saving space, suitable for many smart home appliances

High Temperature Endurance
Imported raw material, high-temp endurable, no leakage

WRAS Certificate
UK WRAS Drinking water safety ceritified

Super Quiet
Unique design for ultra-low noise

? Advanced magnetic driving technology, static-seal without any leakage forever
? High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime
? Wide voltage range suitable for battery power supply
? High precision one time injection moulding between permanent magnetic rotor and impeller realized the lower noise
? Max temperature 105?
? All wetted materials FDA approved for safety usage
? Heavy duty work,can sustain 24 hours continuous running
? Certificate: CE,FDA,RoHS,WRAS,REACH

? Home appliance pump
? Water Dispenser, Water Coolers
? Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine
? Beverage Dispenser, Juice Machine