Laboratory & Testing Pumps

Featured Product from TOPS Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.

In demanding laboratory environments, technicians must rely on their equipment for dependable and accurate performance for a variety of critical functions, including the preparation of biological and chemical samples for analysis.

Compact, cost-effective TOPSFLO pumps provide a reliable, low-maintenance vacuum source for laboratory applications requiring distillation, drying and concentration.

Typical Applications:

  • ·Desiccation
  • ·Gas chromatographs
  • ·Filtration
  • ·Chemical warfare detectors
  • ·Freeze drying
  • ·Drug and explosive detectors
  • ·Pipettes
  • ·Air and gas analyzers
  • ·Rotary evaporators
  • ·Particle counters
  • ·Solvent degassing
  • ·Organic vapor analyzers
  • ·Vacuum concentrating
  • ·Gasoline analyzers
  • ·Vacuum ovens
  • ·Leak detectors
  • ·Gas generators
  • ·Dosimeters

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