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TPL, Inc. is a leader in the development of advanced dielectric materials. The mission of the Capacitance Products Division is to conduct research and development into promising new areas which exploit the existing capabilities of the company and which will generate new products for TPL, Inc. Our primary focus is in the development of advanced dielectric materials for high performance capacitance devices. High energy density polymers, nano-size ceramic powders and combinations thereof are being fabricated with state-of-the-art performance for a range of electrical insulation and capacitor applications. TPL is dedicated to customer satisfaction and welcomes inquiries on custom dielectrics.

Nano Powders: TPL offers a range of titanate powders with controlled size and chemistry. The nano-size powders are produced via an aqueous, low temperature process that allows for binary and tertiary oxide compositions with controlled stoichiometries. (Standard compositions include barium and strontium titanate.) The ultra-fine particle size, 50 to 400 nano meters (nm) of these ceramic powders make them ideal for ultra-thin dielectric layers in composites and ceramic capacitors. TPL has the ability to provide nano-powder formulations to customer specifications.

Ceramics & Nano-Composites:

Nano Composite Dielectrics - TPL's composite dielectric material represents a significant breakthrough in dielectric materials for high energy density capacitors. Efforts in this area have transitioned from materials development, supported by basic R & D contracts, to device fabrication for a number of pulsed power and directed energy applications.

Ceramic Components - TPL designs and produces specialty ceramic components using formulated titanate powder. Specialty parts, primarily for high voltage and high frequency applications, are produced to meet custom dimensions and electrical properties. TPL's processes accommodate a range of capacitor and substrate geometries. In addition, powder formulations are tailored to achieve specific performance characteristics including dielectric constant, dielectric loss and insulation resistance.

High Energy Density Film Capacitors - TPL has established specialty fabrication capabilities for production of high voltage capacitors with significantly reduced size and weight. TPL's metallized film capacitors have demonstrated energy densities of over twice that of current state-of-the-art capacitors. TPL's new capacitors are considered an enabling technology for a number of military and select commercial pulsed power systems.

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