Charge Management and Storage System

Product Announcement from TPL, Inc.

Charge Management and Storage System-Image



TPL's EnerPak provides an innovative power management solution that accommodates the low, variable and intermittent nature of energy harvesting sources. Our patent pending design combines ultra-low power circuitry, a microprocessor-controlled charge management system that dynamically responds to fluctuating input energy levels and can continue to charge the storage system even when the harvested voltage is below battery voltage, and an optimized energy storage system.

Built around the Texas Instruments MSP430 ultra-low power microcontroller, TPL's EnerPak can consume as little as 5-8μA, enabling efficient use of the harvested energy for the application load. The system also includes a lithium-polymer battery to provide back-up in the event of a failure of the ambient energy while low impedance supercapacitors enable efficient delivery of high power burst loads.

Nominally designed for use in low-power wireless sensor applications (e.g., ZigBee, Wireless HART, SP100, etc.) the EnerPak can be customized for any user-specified profile. It is also compatible with multiple different energy harvester devices (e.g., thermoelectric, photovoltaic, vibration) as the application demands. Currently two systems are available: the power management electronics and energy storage system that can be used with a harvester of the user's choice, or a module with an integrated 1" x 2" photovoltaic (PV) array. With a total packaged volume comparable to that of a standard D cell, the EnerPak is available as an enclosed system. For integration into a customer's sensor module the control electronics are available as a stand-alone board.

For more information please email Trista Mosman or contact by phone at (505)342-4439.