Explosive Barrel Cladding

Product Announcement from TPL, Inc.

Explosive Barrel Cladding-Image

Explosive cladding is a cold-welding process for similar or dissimilar metals and alloys that produces a strong metallurgical bond and small interface. TPL 's Explosive Barrel Cladding development program used recovered/recycled energetic materials to explosively clad Tantalum (Ta) and its alloys to the interior bore of gun barrels to extend their service tube life. In Government tests using the 25mm M242 Bushmaster and developmental M919 ammunition, TPL's clad barrels demonstrated a six to ten fold improvement in resisting bore erosion. The baseline steel barrels were condemned after firing 229 rounds. TPL's Ta-clad barrels were still serviceable when the APG test range ran out of ammunition after 1385 rounds. Other potential military weapon applications include longer range howitzer and tank barrels, medium multi-barrel Gatling and chain gun systems, electro-thermal gun systems, and rail guns.