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Explosive cladding is a cold-welding process for similar or dissimilar metals and alloys that produces a strong metallurgical bond and small interface.


• High strength bond between dissimilar metals, such as Al, Cu, Ti alloys and steel
• Solid state process, no melting
• No heat affected zone
• Thickness of clad layer: 0.25 – 4 mm (0.010" – 0.160")
• Does not wear off like a coating
• Can be machined after cladding
• Low resistance interface

Applicable to most metals and alloys, such as:

• carbon steels
• stainless steels
• low alloy steels
• titanium and its alloys
• aluminum and its alloys
• copper and its alloys
• tantalum and its alloys
• nickel and its alloys, including superalloys
• molybdenum

Sizes and Shapes

The most common shape for explosive cladding is flat plates. The size can range from several square centimeters to several square meters. TPL does flat plate cladding; however, we specialize in tubular cladding, primarily the inside of high length-to-diameter (L/D) ratio tubes. The minimum inside diameter (ID) for tubular cladding is 20 mm, while the maximum size is limited by the starting materials. The maximum length often depends on the diameter. For example, we were able to clad a 2 m length tube with a 25 mm (1") ID. TPL is also capable of cladding the outside of tubes and rods; the smallest diameter rod being 6 mm (0.25").

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