Titanate Powder with controlled size and chemistry

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TPL offers a range of titanate powders with controlled size and chemistry. The nano-size powders are produced via an aqueous, low temperature process that allows for binary and tertiary oxide compositions with controlled stoichiometries. (Standard compositions include barium and strontium titanate.) The ultra-fine particle size, 50 to 400 nano meters (nm) of these ceramic powders make them ideal for ultra-thin dielectric layers in composites and ceramic capacitors.

NanOxide™ - High Purity Barium Titanate (HPB) & Strontium Titanate (HPS)

Key Features

Powders are available with nominal particle sizes of <100 nm, 200 nm and 400 nm. The crystalline ceramic powders have uniform spherical morphology and high dielectric constant, with sintering temperatures as low as 1000° C. Precise stoiciometry and high chemic purity are also key features. Dopants can be used in binary compositions to tailor properties for a variety of applications. The dielectric constant on the barium titanate is typically around 3,000. The dielectric constant on the strontium titanate is typically around 300.


Multi-layer ceramic capacitors, Microelectronic discrete capacitors, Capacitance laminates for printed wiring board, Embedded capacitance materials, Insulator rings for high power surge arrestors, and specialty ceramic products.

HPB powders are crystallographically cubic, phase pure barium titanate. It is suitable for use in formulating X7R compositions for air fire and reducing atmospheres. In addition, base metal electrode compositions may also be developed. TPL, Inc. has worked with numerous companies to develop and manufacture compositions tailored to their processes. We are capable of doping barium titanate both homogeneously and heterogeneously to yield either, or both, solid solutions or core/shell compositions.

High Purity Barium/Strontium Titanate

Solid solution compositions are fully adjustable to any ratio, from 1% to 99% strontium. Similarly, the primary particle size can be adjusted for the application, typically in the range of 50 nm to 500 nm. As such, barium/strontium titanate formulations are considered a specialty product and are manufactured upon request. The dielectric constant on the barium/strontium titanate is typically between 10,000 and 15,000.

High Purity Specialty Titanate Compositions

TPL is dedicated to customer satisfaction and values the necessity of custom formulations in a variety of manufacturing products. TPL's unique manufacturing process allows tremendous flexibility in the production of ceramic titanates. As with the HSB, mixed metal titanate formulations can be produced with a wide range of compositions. In addition the particle size of the powder can be varied from 50 nm to 1,000 nm.

The crystalline ceramic powders have uniform spherical morphology and high dielectric constant with sintering temperatures as low as 1000° C. TPL's versatile manufacturing also means that a wide variety of dopants can be added to any ceramic titanate over a range of concentrations. Dopants can be added homogeneously and heterogeneously to their ceramic titanates. Homogeneous additions yield solid solutions while heterogeneous additions are designed to yield core/shell structures to MLCC applications. TPL encourages requests for chemical formulations that will meet customer specifications.

NanOxide™484 - Particle Dispersant and Slurries

TPL has considerable experience with dispersing nano-size particles in a variety of mediums. All NanOxide™ powders are available in aqueous and non-aqueous slurry form as a specialty product. TPL will work with customers to determine an appropriate solvent for the application. In addition, their NanoSperse™484 has also been made available for purchase separately as a dispersant.

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