Calibrate and Repair Your TSI Flow Instrument

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Why should I send my TSI flow meter or flow analyzer to TSI? Can't I use a third-party service?

TSI performs certified, multi-step service with original factory parts for quality service and support you can trust. Only TSI can calibrate your flow device and provide legitimate, NIST-traceable calibration certificates.

Third-party service providers can only verify whether your instrument is measuring within specification – they cannot calibrate it. If a calibration is needed, the third party must send it to a TSI service center.

TSI Factory vs. Third-Party Service:

 TSI FactoryThird-Party
Service turnaround time 5-6 Days Days to Weeks*
Leak check YES YES
As-Found calibration check YES YES
Service history review YES  
Test against NIST traceable standards YES  
Update instrument firmware and software (if applicable) YES Not possible
Service warranty up to 90 days YES  
Repairs (if needed) are completed using genuine TSI parts YES Not possible
Failure report (free) YES  
Full calibration adjustment of sensors YES Not possible
Programming the new calibration date into the instrument YES Not possible
NIST traceable As-Left calibration certificate including performance evaluation against proprietary TSI calibration bench YES  

*If adjustment is needed, the third-party servicer will need to send it to a TSI Factory Service Center for recalibration