Indoor Air Quality Testing

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Indoor environments can change for a variety of reasons. Failing HVAC systems, construction projects or newly installed carpets, office equipment or other building materials can all change the air quality of indoor environments. Traditionally, indoor air quality is measured in response to a noticeable problem or complaint. These problems are then investigated to determine the cause and make corrections so the air quality is improved.

Today, indoor air quality is also measured continuously and proactively to ensure that good air quality is maintained for the health, safety and comfort of a buildings inhabitants.

TSI designs and manufacturers industry-leading indoor air quality instruments for surveying and monitoring indoor air quality quickly, accurately and dependably.


Indoor air quality measurements typically include temperature, humidity, draft, particles (PM2.5) and gases such as CO and CO2. TSI offers several instruments that help you quickly and accurately assess basic IAQ parameters. Maintaining air quality and comfort levels can significantly improve occupant satisfaction (as shown through increased concentration and productivity) and help reduce absenteeism.

Health and safety concerns are a growing part of air quality assessment. Energy conservation efforts have made building construction nearly airtight, which, in turn, has made proper ventilation more important than ever. Gases, vapors and particles can cause adverse reactions in certain individuals, depending on individual sensitivity. Some of these 'ever-present,' unwanted contaminants are potentially toxic, infectious, allergenic, irritating or otherwise harmful. Recent studies claim that over one third of the buildings in the United States have air quality problems.

It is increasingly important to respond quickly to IAQ complaints and be proactive to identify and resolve potential problems before they get out of control. TSI Indoor Air Quality instruments are designed as high performing instruments to help IAQ professionals identify problems, make corrections and maintain air quality standards in any indoor environment.