Optical Wireless Communication

Featured Product from TAIYO YUDEN (U.S.A.) Inc.

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TAIYO YUDEN's optical wireless communication is a point-to-point wireless communication that provides stable speed (100 Mbps) using light. Since radio waves are not employed, interference or noise is not an issue, allowing wireless communications in areas where radio wave communications are difficult to be established. This technology is best suitable for wireless communications for surveillance cameras.

Four features of optical wireless communication

  • Allows communication in areas that are unsuitable for wired communications
    • Communication can be easily established over a river or between buildings facing each other across a road.
    • Scenery (near tourist facilities or in areas where cables are laid under roads) can be well-preserved.
  • No interference from radio waves. No effect from electromagnetic noise.
    • No interference of communications by radio waves.
    • Since communication is not affected by electromagnetic noise, wireless communication in a plant can be established.
  • The Radio Law does not apply. No communication fee.
    • The Radio Law does not apply.
    • A communication service contract with a carrier and communication costs are not required.
  • Relocatability contributes to cost reduction.
    • Wireless communication can be easily established in exhibition and event venues.
    • The optical axis can be adjusted in about 15 minutes.
    • The set-up time can be greatly reduced.