Linear Dampers an overview CAD files & specs

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Linear dampers is an inclusive term that can be applied to many forms of dashpots and shock absorbers. They are typically used for devices designed primarily for reciprocating motion attenuation rather than absorption of large shock loads.

The absorption or damping action can be compression or extension. Important parameters to consider when searching for shock absorbers, linear dampers, and dashpots include: 

Absorber stroke, or spring stroke, is the difference between fully extended and fully compressed position. It defines the maximum linear travel.

Compressed length is the minimum length of shock (compressed position).                                                                                   Extended length is the maximum length of shock (extended position).                                                                                        Energy absorption describes how much energy the unit can absorb per cycle. If overloaded, the unit may not be able to absorb enough energy and the absorber will bounce off the stops potentially causing damage. If the devices can absorb more energy than the system produces, it could raise production costs as well as make stopping distances very short, affecting performance.

Maximum rated force (P1) for a shock absorber or damper, referred to as the P1 force. Maximum force is important because it determines the damper size needed for the application. A larger force unit is needed to dampen a heavier load. For example, the shock absorbers play a part in the maximum load a pickup truck can safely carry.

Maximum cycles per minute is the rated frequency of compression/extension cycles and it is critical for selecting the correct unit for specific applications. For example, automobiles need shocks that can recover fast enough to provide higher cycles per minute to provide a smooth ride.
Important physical specifications to consider when searching shock absorbers, linear dampers, and dashpots include: 

  • Cylinder diameter or maximum width, referring to the desired diameter of housing cylinder

  • Rod diameter refers to the desired diameter of extending rod.

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