Cost effective doesn't need to mean compromise!

Product Announcement from Takex America, Inc.

Cost effective doesn't need to mean compromise!-Image

Cost effective doesn't need to mean compromise!

Even the simplest beams from TAKEX feature our patented Double Modulation technology, ensuring unsurpassed immunity to direct and reflected sunlight and vehicle headlights. To cover distances up to 100m and the option of stacking (PB-TE Models) Twin Beams provide the ideal solution where cost is a major concern.

Welcome to TAKEX America

TAKEX America, Inc. (formerly known as PULNiX Sensors, Inc.) is a World Leader in Security and Industrial Automation Sensors.

TAKEX is committed to providing our loyal customers with the finest quality sensor products and superior customer support. We know our strength depends on our business customers, for over 25 years these customers have made and continue to make us stronger.

We are proud of our past and focused on the future


Security Sensors

TAKEX is a leading Japanese manufacturer of security sensors,  specialising in active infrared beams for perimeter protection, and  outdoor PIR for CCTV activation and intruder detection. We pride   ourselves on the quality of our products, with each sensor designed and  assembled to the highest standard by our engineers in Japan. Stringent  quality control and rigorous testing at each stage of production ensures  that every TAKEX device is confidently supplied with a 5 year warranty  for peace of mind. With over 50 years of experience, we are proud  to be specified at the highest level of Royal, Government and Military  organisations across the globe, and our refusal to compromise on  excellence ensures we remain the choice of professionals worldwide.

Industrial Sensors

Over 1000 Photo-Electric, Ultrasonic, and Laser sensors; spanning all facets of Industrial Automation and embedded OEM applications.

Whether your requirement is for Factory line automation, Hot Metal Detection (molten, cast, or rolled goods), or embedded OEM devices you can depend on for years of reliable service; Takex offers the broadest range of detection approaches on the market today, coupled with worldwide support and unparalleled quality.

The Industrial Automation product line provides a full range of TAKEX (Seeka) Industrial Class sensors and accessories; these devices are designed for stringent Factory Automation and embedded OEM sensing applications. The diverse product offering comprises the most robust and dependable Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, and Laser sensing technologies available on the market today. All devices are manufactured in Japan to rigorous manufacturing standards and testing tolerance.


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