DynPro: Unparalleled Flexibility & Sophistication

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DynPro for Engine and Chassis Dynamometers

The heart of Taylor's instrumentation is the DynPro dynamometer control and data acquisition system. DynPro gives the operator complete control of the dynamometer functions and provides comprehensive data acquisition. DynPro controls and acquires the data from the many accessories that complement Taylor's DynPro system including the Smoke Opacity Meter, the Emissions Gas Analyzer, the Pressure and Temperature Package, the Heavy Duty Electronic Interface (for ECM channels) and the Fuel Measurement Unit. Taylor's DynPro can be retrofitted with any make, model or brand of dynamometer.

DynTek-PC for Engine Dynamometers

The DynTek-PC engine dynamometer instrumentation is the ideal display and data acquisition system for basic engine testing requirements.

DynTek-PC provides the data for Engine RPM, Engine Torque and Engine Power along with an optional two (2) pressure and two (2) temperature measurement channels.

DynTek-PC 2+2 for Engine Dynamometers

The DynTek-PC 2+2 engine dynamometer instrumentation system is a display only system intended for the most basic engine dynamometer testing requirements. This system provides for the measurement of torque in either tension or compression (both clockwise and counter-clockwise engine rotation), speed from a standard Magnetic Pickup along with two pressure and two temperature measurements.

Test Cell Command Center

The Taylor Dynamometer Test Cell Command Center (TC3) is designed to provide a single point of connection and control for all of your basic test cell support functions. Operators are able to command devices through the TC3 and never leave the comfort and safety of the control room. The TC3 is capable of controlling eight on/off devices and allows for the simple analog open-loop control of two devices.

WX Dyno Control System for Towing Dynamometers

DynoMotive's WX dyno controller system includes a ruggedized, WiFi, touch screen tablet PC and a graphic heads up display. Our easy to use, intuitive DynControl software not only makes testing simple, but also fully contols the dyno wirelessly and displays muliple channels of real time data. Our Hill Simulation Pro software goes far beyond typical load testing by allowing the engineer to create and store automated hill simulations. The DynoMotive WX dyno controller system and software is the most advanced towing dyno control system on the planet

About Taylor

During the great depression in the 1920's, John Taylor formed the Taylor Dynamometer & Machine Company to produce and market the equipment he had developed for diesel engine testing.

When the U.S. entered into World War II, the company was well known for its quality products, particularly its engine dynamometers. Since World War II, Taylor Dynamometer has focused on providing testing solutions to manufacturers and distributors of all types of engines and motors.

Today, thousands of Taylor dynamometer's are in operation throughout the world.

Engine, Chassis and Towing Dynamometer Systems, Accessories, Controls and Software

Products and Services:

Taylor's engine dynamometers are the most important engine diagnostic tool available, allowing you to quickly troubleshoot problems such as low horsepower, insufficient torque, and leaks.

Our engine dynamometers help you verify that the repair is completed, that the engine is operating according to specifications and can be used to break-in engines before installation. Taylor's engine dynamometer product line includes hydraulic dynos, portable dynamometers, eddy current dynos, and AC dynos.

Taylor Dynamometer's primary data acquisition and control systems is DynPro. DynPro works equally well with waterbrake style dynamometers, eddy current dynamometers, DC dynamometers and AC dynamometers.

Taylor frequently has used dynamometers and refurbished dynamometers available for sale. Please submit a Quick Question or call (414)755-0040 for more information on used engine dynamometers or refurbished engine dynamometers.

Taylor manufactured its first chassis dynamometer in 1963. Today, Taylor has the largest world wide installed base of heavy-duty high horsepower chassis dynos and Taylor's dynamometers have become the industry standard. Why is Taylor the world wide leader in chassis dynamometers? For the simple fact that Taylor has delivered nothing less than exceptional value through superior product design, technical support, and training for over 40 years. Today, Taylor is committed to keeping its customers on the cutting edge by continually developing and designing new products and features.

Chassis dynamometers serve to quickly identify service issues such as low horsepower, overheating, emissions compliance and speedometer accuracy. Once identified and repaired, the chassis dynamometer will verify the problem is corrected and can be used to perform engine break-in after rebuild.

Taylor's data acquisition and dynamometer control system is DynPro. DynPro works equally well with waterbrake style dynamometers, eddy current dynamometers, DC dynamometers and AC dynamometers.

An Unbeatable Variety

Taylor Dynamometer's line of chassis dynamometers accommodates horsepower ranges from 50 HP to 1100 HP at 40 mph, for single, tandem or multiple axle vehicles and a full range of flexible axle spreads. All told, Taylor's variety is unbeatable. Taylor offers waterbrake style, eddy current style and AC style chassis dynamometers.

Taylor frequently has used dynamometers and refurbished dynamometers available for sale. Please submit a Quick Question or call (414)755-0040 for more information on used chassis dynamometers or refurbished chassis dynamometers.

When it comes to towing dynamometers, no one can beat the knowledge, expertise and quality of Taylor Dynamometer's, DynoMotive division. Our engineers have designed towing dynamometers for car and truck manufacturers around the world for the last 30 years! From light passenger cars to heavy commercial truck vehicles, we have done it all.

Taylor frequently has used dynamometers and refurbished dynamometers available for sale. Please submit a Quick Question or call (414)755-0040 for more information on used towing dynamometers or refurbished towing dynamometers.

From the very simple torque, rpm and power display requirements in a basic engine dynamometer configuration to an advanced dynamometer data acquisition and control system for an engine, chassis, or towing dynamometer, Taylor has a dynamometer Data Acquisition and Control System that will serve your unique application.

Are you preparing to build a new test facility? Are you having trouble getting your architect to design a complete test cell? Do you need a Water Recirculation System or an HVAC System with complete design and installation drawings? Taylor Dynamometer is your answer!

Taylor Dynamometer offers a wide variety of equipment and engineering services for the engine and vehicle test industry. We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment you need to get the job done. Let us help you!

Our area's of expertise in support of test cells includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Engineering and consulting services to support your architect or building designer
  • Ground up test cell design and facility design integration
  • Sound attenuating test cell enclosures, doors and windows
  • Engine and Chassis Dynamometers and support equipment
  • Data Acquisition and Control Systems
  • Water Recirculation / Cooling Systems
  • Air Handling (HVAC) Systems
  • Engine and Vehicle Exhaust Systems
  • Fuel Storage and Distribution Systems
  • Test cell system integration services
  • Installation, Commissioning and Training services

The Taylor Dynamometer Electric Motor Testing Systems are designed to provide maximum reliability, excellent durability and flawless performance.

Using our extensive line of waterbrake dynamometers, Taylor Dynamometer has systems available for testing electric motors from 5 to 13,000hp.

Taylor's primary business is supplying and supporting your production and lab grade test needs. If you are building a new test cell, Taylor offers complete design services, modular prefabricated test cells, water recirculation systems, HVAC systems, fuel delivery systems and more. If you are equipping a test cell, Taylor offers not only dynamometers but virtually any dynamometer accessory including test stands, fuel measurement units, emissions analyzers, exhaust hoods, control and data acquisition systems and more. What specific dynamometer accessory do you need?

Customer Service

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Taylor Dynamometer is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry. Our staff of qualified dynamometer professionals is eager to assist you and is standing by.

The Taylor Dynamometer facility includes two engine dynamometer test cells and a chassis dynamometer test cell all designed to provide a quality environment for engine and/or vehicle testing programs. Numerous engine or vehicle testing services can be offered, ranging from performance and durability testing to fuels and lubricant testing and more.

Taylor's test cells provide a comfortable work environment and the facility amenities needed to get the job done. We offer limited access and provide the privacy you desire. Space is available for engine or vehicle storage, maintenance, tear down, inspection etc.

You can rent Taylor's test cell on a short or long term basis. Alternatively, Taylor can perform your testing requirement on a contract for services basis.

Taylor Dynamometer has been manufacturing waterbrake dynamometers since the 1930's and we know that eventually even our parts wear. Over the years, Taylor has remanufactured hundreds of dynamometers and restored them to a "like-new" condition.

The Taylor Dynamometer remanufacturing process is based on a "Value-Added Pricing" method. "Value-Added Pricing" means that the customer receives the best price possible and only pays for the parts and services required to restore a dynamometer.

Taylor Dynamometer

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