Chemical Milling Services - Selective Milling

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Selective Chemical Milling

To achieve selective milling Tech Met provides masking using bath dip and airless spray applications including robotic spray application techniques in specific cases for consistency and control.

Scribing is done using customer supplied templates or templates developed in house.  In some cases laser scribing is used to precisely locate the desired pockets.

Removal depths and locations of selective pockets are engineered and quality certified to meet all drawing specifications.

Typical applications of chemical milling include Inconel jet engine mixer components, nacelles, titanium exhaust system cowlings, forgings (titanium,steel, or hi-temp), engine combustion cases, fairings and thin wall tubing.

About Tech Met Inc.

Providing the Aerospace, Medical, Military and Commercial markets with precision chemical milling on fabricated components since 1988. Tech Met specializes in complex and precise chemical milling for build to print and custom projects on a wide variety of materials. Whether your parts are raw forgings, fabricated sheet components, bar / tube stock, or flat sheet materials, we routinely provide cost effective, chemical milling product services.  From aircraft engine components to spinal implants, Tech Met's process control, lean practices and certified six sigma project managers deliver quality assured products that meet the most rigorous specifications, routinely incorporating Lean, Six Sigma methodologies and process control compliance with Nadcap AS7004 & AS7108 standards.