Chemical Milling for Aerospace Industry

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Chemical Milling for Aerospace Applications

Tech Met has been proudly serving the aerospace community since 1992, providing selective milling through numerous, varied pattern masking techniques. These processes are done in compliance with NADCAP certification guidelines, as Tech Met holds certifications for both Quality System and Chemical Processing. 

Through the years, Tech Met has become a key provider of milling solutions for high temperature nickel and cobalt based alloys, complex corrosion resistant ferrous alloys, and the alloys of both aluminum and titanium. The primary advantage to the milling process is that it permits selective removals from complex shapes or global removals across entire parts. This removal process enables Aerospace engineers to design parts that have greater thicknesses in stress areas while reducing the weight in non-critical areas, permitting overall weight reduction with minimal reduction in part performance or structural strength. Chemical Milling can reduce weight by more than seventy five percent in certain such application with thickness reductions of 0.010” or more, enabling lightweight, high strength parts.

The aircraft and aerospace industries continue to strive toward lighter, stronger and faster materials. Tech Met has been instrumental in providing innovative solutions to increasingly complex processes for milling exotic and stronger alloys. Tech Met has continued to expand on existing capabilities and market expansions to enable our customers to meet these new demands with a solid experience base and capabilities that maximize product realization in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

 About Tech Met, Inc. 

 Providing the Aerospace, Medical, Military and Commercial markets with precision chemical milling on fabricated components since 1988. Tech Met specializes in complex and precise chemical milling for build to print and custom projects on a wide variety of materials. Whether your parts are raw forgings, fabricated sheet components, bar / tube stock, or flat sheet materials, we routinely provide cost effective, chemical milling product services.  From aircraft engine components to spinal implants, Tech Met's process control, lean practices and certified six sigma project managers deliver quality assured products that meet the most rigorous specifications, routinely incorporating Lean, Six Sigma methodologies and process control compliance with Nadcap AS7004 & AS7108 standards.