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TechInsights Teardown: Ford F150 Display Unit

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The Ford F150 is one of Ford Motor Company’s best-selling vehicles used in anything from personal use to business operations.

However, much like other vehicles, as technology has improved, more features have been added to the truck to appease consumer demands and provide a greater efficiency in the workplace.

The Ford F150 Display Unit is a touchscreen in the central controller of the F150 where drivers can control the radio, navigation, phone connectivity and much more. The main touchscreen is a 12.01 inch TFT chip-in-glass display with a resolution of 1200 x 1920 pixels.

The following is a partial deep dive of the Ford F150 Display Unit by TechInsights.

Summary points

  • 12.01 inch TFT w/ chip-in-glass, 1200 x 1920 pixels
  • No RAM
  • No camera

Target market: Automotive

Released: November 2020

Pricing: $799.95

Availability: Worldwide

Touchscreen module

The touchscreen module houses the main controller board that includes the chip-in-glass for control of the touchscreen while the ignition is on. It also houses the touchscreen controller to enable response from passengers.

Touchscreen components

Components and parts used to install the touchscreen display into the dashboard inside the Ford F150.

Major components

  • $55.50 — Display/touchscreen subsystem (Qty: 1)
  • $15.88 — Mainframe (Qty: 1)
  • $8.56 — Vent main frame (Qty: 2)
  • $3.31 — Vent horizontal blade (Qty: 14)
  • $2.84 — Four layer conventional FR4 — Tripod Electronic Co. (Qty: 1)
  • $1.99 — Capacitive touchscreen controller — Microchip (Qty: 1)
  • $1.92 — Small passive capacitor (Qty: 342)
  • $1.73 — Connector (Qty: 1)
  • $0.93 — Thermal pad (Qty: 1)